Naminori Marketは





・vegan cosmetic

・Relax wear

・Healing supplies




Naminori Market is a concept shop focusing on adult stress care.

All are quality, reasonable prices, age, and gender-free.

The theme of the products we handle is "gifts for loved ones".

自分にとって 居心地のいい空間とは・・・

*Super Foods

*Aromatherapy goods

*Relax wear

*Healing supplies

Naminori Market

Our company takes pride in what we do and we stand behind our philosophy “Enriching life”.

Bringing you unique blends at a reasonable price.

We are also aware of the upmost importance of Organic/non GMO products.Bringing quality and responsible merchandise to our customers is a priority.

Wonderful things to refresh your mind,body and soul.

From overseas to Japan.

From Japan to overseas.

we transport it.

Naminori Market